Monday, 10 September 2007

Neo-nazi in Israel. A call for actions in Armenia

Israeli police have broken up a gang of neo-nazi who are accused of carrying out attacks on foreigners, gay people, the homeless, drug addicts and religious Jews.

It is hard to believe that a group of Jewish neo-nazi may exist, but shocking weekend news proved seemingly impossible. What an irony! A group of neo-nazi in a country which was founded in the wake of Nazi Holocaust!

This should have implications for Armenia too, taking into account recent resurgence of hate graffiti and other signs of intolerance.

For more details, see Unzipped


Anonymous said...

Well, it sounds crazy, but if we think about it, it's also crazy that there are so many neo-Nazis in Eastern Europe, since Hitler was trying to wipe out the Slavic race too...
And how can there be an Aryan group in Armenia when Armenians definitely don't look like the Nazi example of Aryan...?
just curious...


artmika said...

Strange world we live in...

I think it's not so much a matter of looks but ideology of extreme nationalism and 'purity' of nation etc. On the other hand, here is what Armenian Aryans put on their website:

"Armenian Highland
the Homeland of Armenians,
Cradle of Aryan Civilization.
Aryans all over the world,
liberate it, liberate yourself"