Sunday, 18 May 2014

Azerbaijan: IDAHOT 2014 with rainbow flashmob, online campaign and LGBT-related newsletter

Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance organised rainbow flashmob to mark the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Earlier they launched online "Hate Kills" campaign.

*source: @LGBT_Azerbaycan

Ahead of IDAHOT, Nefes published online newsletter reflecting some of the main LGBT-related news over January-March 2014:

1. Suicide of the chairman of Free LGBT Azerbaijan:
"As a mark of respect for Isa and hundreds of victims of hate crimes, we would like to declare that, from now on we will celebrate 22nd January date as "LGBT Pride Day‟.
2. Physical violence and death threats against president of Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance. As per reports, the perpetrator effectively escaped being charged and received a symbolic fine.

3. The results of survey on employment discrimination of LGBT people (survey covered 8 regions in Azerbaijan):
"64% of anwerers doesn't want to work with LGBT person and overall, 60% has negative attitude towards LGBT people. Furthermore, 60% of respondents said that, they will not hire LGBT person, if they were a boss."

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