Thursday, 10 April 2014

PINK Armenia: Human rights situation of LGBT people (Annual Review 2013, Armenia)

PINK Armenia released their annual review of “Human Rights Situation of LGBT People” reflecting
developments in 2013.

It’s pretty good, albeit depressing, reference guide highlighting some of the main cases of human rights violations of LGBT people in Armenia, with (unfortunately!) only very few positive examples.
Issues regarding sexual orientation and gender identity are usually approached from a negative point of view, defenders of LGBT rights are considered as “traitors of the State”, and LGBT people are presented as enemies of society. As a result, any sphere of social life is becoming a place for discrimination, degradation, and ill treatment and violence.
Main topics covered in the report include the following:
  • General overview of human rights situation of LGBT people 
  • Elections (presidential; local Yerevan) 
  • Litigation of DIY pub 
  • Legislation (propaganda bill; draft law on anti-discrimination) 
  • Media 
  • Engagement of Diaspora 
  • Response of international institutions 
  • Human Rights Ombudsman 
  • Gender Equality law 
  • Transphobia 
  • Conference on Combating Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance 
  • Rainbow flag
In conclusion, report states that “in 2013 Armenia has clearly slid backwards as intolerant views were voiced extensively, and indeed prevailed, during a national debate around gender equality. Government officials condone violent attacks against LGBT people, characterizing the violence as an expression of “traditional values.”
"Armenian youth will bring more benefit to the people, if they fight against sexual minorities instead of fighting against transportation fare rise."
– Galust Sahakyan, vice-president of the [ruling] Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), the head of RPA parliamentary fraction.
Report is available in Armenian and English.

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