Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Armenian trans guy T.J. Jourian named in the Trans 100 (2014)

The Trans 100 is an annual listing of 100 trans individuals from all over the US who are currently alive and active in the work of making the lives of trans people better. It is a curated listing, with nominations from the general public. [FB page
The Advocate: The Trans 100 is compiled through a year-long process, which begins with a call for nominations that may be submitted by anyone. This list of nominations is then narrowed by a team of curators, who research the accomplishments of the proposed names and hold them to a list of standards. This criteria entails that a candidate must identify as transgender and work to positively affect the trans community.

The final selectees […] are announced […] on the International Transgender Day of Visibility [31 March], which celebrates the worldwide transgender population and raises awareness of issues related to discrimination.
Included in the 2014 list of Trance 100 is T.J. Jourian, Lebanese-born Armenian and Middle Eastern transmale activist (raised in Cyprus).

He is the author of Hye Trent blog (invited readers only), cast member of the Sundance docu-series TransGeneration (2005)  [Wikipedia page]. “Produced by World of Wonder and aired on the Sundance Channel and LOGO, TransGeneration chronicled an academic year in the lives of 4 trans-identified college students as they grapple with issues of transition, academics, family, relationships, and discrimination.”

There were lots of congratulatory tweets for T.J. Jourian.
@TheChrisMosier: Congrats to @tjjourian on being named to #trans100 to HUGE applause. Proud to work with you! #famousfriends pic.twitter.com/Td0BCfk9iB

It was very touching when T.J. Jourian tweeted about his mother:
@tjjourian: My amazing Armenian Lebanese mother just called me to congratulate me for the #trans100!! This project is changing lives.
Big congrats !! Well deserved, indeed.

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