Friday, 6 April 2012

#госдеп2 - Russian TV programme by Ksenia Sobchak on motives of scandalous homophobic law in St Petersburg

Highly recommend watching #госдеп2 Russian TV programme with Ksenia Sobchak [Ксения Собчак] re homophobic law in St Petersburg. My personal favourite - among guests of the programme - was sexologist Sergei Agarkov. He did not speak much, but whatever he said was spot on. Armenian sexologists & co, especially the ones who became media 'stars', as of lately, should take a note of their colleague's answers.

And here is what journalist Olga Bakushinskaya said re motives of such laws and stirring up hatred and homophobia in Russian (and not only!) society: "... потому что людьми которые полны ненависти легче управлять" [...because it’s easier to rule over /manipulate with people who are full of hatred]. Quote of The Day, indeed.

More on this topic: editorial: "Traditional orientation" (RU)

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