Saturday, 18 February 2012

How PR reps failed Yerevan mayor with a bouquet of abusive, homophobic language

Here we are. The faces of ‘PR-machine’ for Yerevan mayor. Or its spectacular failure in the most abusive, cheap and homophobic fashion possible. These screenshots, widely distributed in the Armenian section of Facebook, resulted in a storm of reaction by FB users.

To put it short, PR reps and some employees for the mayor office in Yerevan use nauseating, cheap, homophobic language to ‘counter-attack’ the arguments of environmental activists and other concerned Yerevan (and not only) residents.

*Arthur Sarukhanyan is a PR rep for Yerevan mayor office. He and his colleagues are marked in red. All 'conversation' was taken place on mayor Taron Margaryan FB page. (source: FB page)

Below is just a small portion of their vocabulary [more - on screenshots above (AM)]:
“հորթ” (‘calf’); “Գոմ-այգի” (play of words, referring to cruising park in downtown Yerevan, by using homophobic language); “պոչիկով” (homophobic reference to men who considered gay if they have long hair)... abundance of other abusive, violent language and references to all those activists and residents who disagree with them and fight to preserve the remaining green spaces in Armenian capital.
These employees for Yerevan mayor Taron Margaryan not only suck in their job of PR, but in fact ensured the best possible anti-PR.

There is no place for such people in any state, public or related jobs. Not even close.

They suck big time. And they should get sacked.


Anonymous said...

Way to go. Representatives of the Armenian government are so out of touch with their own people, let alone the rest of the world. This is just another example of their backwards, barbaric or medieval-style thinking. Actually, if they were like most barbarians or medieval men, they'd probably have long hair. How very masculine.

artmika said...

If this is the way Yerevan mayor employees talk/communicate, imagine how disgusting it might be to work there... well, as long as such employees work there.

artmika said...

Apparently, since yesterday, the now infamous for all the wrong reasons Yerevan mayor PR rep Arthur Sarukhanyan disappeared from FB. Keeping a low profile? Not good enough. He + his colleagues from screenshots need to get sacked.

Edgar said...

This guy is desgusting !

Quelle bassesse ! Si les gens hauts placés parlent comme ça , imaginez le peuple , qui sont des moutons et qui suivent ce qu'on leur inculque ! La honte n'est pas d'etre gay , c'est de n'avoir aucun esprit critique , suivre la majorité et n'avoir lu aucun livre sur le sujet ! Ces gens la sont incultes et c'est honteux pour une nation qui se dit intelligeante !