Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Yerevan Diaries: Love at first sight - DIY, Tsomak & friends

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First night I went to DIY, and immediately it felt like I am at home there.

I have always wanted to have a regular place in London. But it never worked out. I could never find the place where I would want to go night after night and... Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of nice cool places in London. But so far I was unable to find THE one that I would consider myself a regular at.

With DIY, it was love at first sight. And it’s not just the place. It’s people who run the place and who come to that place that make it such a special and unique venue for me in Yerevan.

Tsomak, Armen & co - I love you. You are beautiful, and what you do is... beautiful. No mirror needed.

Emma, I still remember that delicious black-coloured cocktail, the best I’ve tried in Yerevan. [and I don’t normally like cocktails in Yerevan but this one was an exception] Cheers.

Was so great to finally properly meeting Tsomak (Pincet band). Talented, brave, cool. Girl, you rock!! Love and respects, as always. Absolutely loved you performing live. It was a very special evening for me. I feel honoured and touched that you agreed to live perform during my stay in Yerevan. Unforgettable.

Lily was the symbol of that night.

Here we are. I found THE place. Not in London, but in Yerevan. Can’t wait to come back and meet our mafia (=family) again ;)

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