Monday, 4 July 2011

‘Two alternatives’ for Armenia re Eurovision in Baku? I don’t think so. No ‘music wars’, please

Why on earth everyone ‘agrees’ that there are 2 alternatives for Armenia re Eurovision representation: either SOAD or Razmik Amyan?! Provided, if Armenia decides positively on participation, which seems likely. Of course, as I mentioned few times in my previous posts, there are still major concerns that Azeri authorities must address before the final decision is made by Eurovision officials and Armenia organisers.

Irrespective of Azerbaijan factor, I would love to see SOAD (System Of A Down) or similar band one day representing Armenia in Eurovision. Yes, I know, it’s not your typical Eurovision-like band, but - for a change - we could try with alternative genres too. Of course, I hope Public TV in Armenia & higher level decision makers understand (or must understand) that there should be no political songs there, well, at least not overtly political. I’d rather see messages of love, peace etc. In fact, Serj Tankian seems to understand this perfectly too. Two years ago, in response to similar speculations re their participation in Eurovision for Armenia, he stated: “A love song would probably do better than political song however".

Also, why suddenly everyone talks of Razmik Amyan as the 'only alternative to SOAD'? Just because he has Karabakh roots, and in Azerbaijan we should present either highly political SOAD or Karabakh-born Razmik Amyan? It’s a music contest, after all, and I sincerely hope that Armenia will not put itself into a ridiculous position of attempting at ‘music wars’ with Azerbaijan.

I am not fan of Razmik Amyan, never was. In my opinion, his music could become digestable only if he refrains (completely!) from that ‘klkloc’ part, although almost all of his songs suffer from that to a varying degree. Besides, his fashion sense and ‘moves’ are highly questionable image/style-wise, and close to ‘rabiz’ style. This will need an urgent image/style/fashion intervention, if his choice is finalised.

Let’s put forward and discuss few singers/bands, and (importantly) songs that they will represent. There should be several factors to take into account in decision making process, and those factors should not involve regional or international politics and place of birth.


Armenotti said...

I'd like someone out of ruling gang in music industry, a change perhaps if that's possible from the faces and voices from past years, people less seen and heard. I am not sure that would be possible and i am afraid this year, someone like you mentioned or maybe a much worse candidate will be going to Baku.
i am not much familiar with the new faces and names and was just looking into new video clips on YouTube and i thought they might be worth trying. (with the nationalistic elements) (aram and shprot could make a good mix) (first time to see her,and i liked)

or maybe this one ;)

artmika said...

Am definitely for Aram/Shprot - they are among my faves in AM pop scene. And may be Juice too.

Anonymous said...

definitely them. this guys are awesome :)

they are new and they sound fresh!!!

artmika said...

I like what I am hearing. Never heard them before, thanks for the link. Haik Solar & Arni Rock feat. Narine - my first impressions are pretty positive, fresh and highly enjoyable. Will keep an eye, and added them into my list :)

Anonymous said...

i'm keeping an eye on them, they are in my friends list on FB ...

p.s. besides they are cute :P