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Armenia - ‘gay surrogacy paradise’ (report)

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Gay Surrogacy Agencies in Armenia

Armenia is one of the leading medical tourism destinations for gay couples from all over the world looking for surrogate mothers because of its liberal surrogacy laws. The mushrooming of many a gay surrogacy agency in Armenia has made it possible for singles and gay couples to live their dreams of enjoying the joyful moments of parenthood. Armenia is a host to a large number of surrogacy facilities providing world class medical amenities and that too at a fraction of what it would cost in any other part of the globe. 

Many gay men have a longing for starting their own families. The legal complexities and time involved in adoption for gay couples makes surrogacy a more favored route to beginning their own families.

Surrogacy is a process wherein a woman, as a part of a financial contract, carries and delivers a child for others, with or without having a genetic relationship with the child. In gay surrogacy, one of the partners provides sperms that will be utilized for fertilizing the eggs of the donor or surrogate mother.

Why Gay Surrogacy in Armenia?

There are a number of advantages synonymous with going in for gay surrogacy in Armenia. The leading factors contributing to Armenia’s popularity as a leading gay surrogacy destination are as follows:

• Gay surrogacy in Armenia is very popular because Armenian laws do not illegalize surrogacy for gays, unlike many other European and western countries which have criminalized the same.
• Surrogacy for gay couples can be an emotionally trying and stressful experience with surrogate agencies in many countries refusing to treat their cases. Often inquiries for surrogacy by gays are dismissed by clinics in other countries on the grounds that gay men cannot cater to the overall developmental needs of the infant. Legal ambiguities and moral reasons can also play a dampener in the surrogacy efforts of gay couples. Armenia provides a number of avenues in the forms of IVF clinics and surrogacy agencies for gay couples looking for surrogate mothers.
• The geographical proximity to East European and West Asian countries, some of which have banned surrogacy for singles and same-sex couples, has made Armenia a sought-after destination since it ensures minimum travel costs.
• Also, cost of gay surrogacy in Armenia is a big draw, as the prices here are a pittance when compared to costs in the USA and the UK. However, low costs do not mean compromising with the quality of services offered.

Gay Surrogate Mothers in Armenia

Under Gay surrogacy programs in Armenia, surrogate mothers undergo various rigorous physical and psychological tests for a couple of months. Potential surrogate mothers are young and healthy females belonging to the age group of 18 to 35 years, with their own children and with no history of pregnancy related complications. More and more gay couples and singles are coming to Armenia as Armenian surrogate mothers are responsible citizens who have been screened for various kinds of ailments that can otherwise pose a risk to both the pregnancy and the infant’s longevity.

Legal Framework for Surrogacy in Armenia

Armenia is one of the countries in the world that have decriminalized surrogacy for single and same-sex parents. Surrogacy in Armenia is governed by the Armenian Reproductive Rights Law, applicable on both Armenians and international patients, which stipulate that a surrogate cannot refuse to pass on the infant to the party with which a contract has been entered into. However, a surrogate who is also an egg donor can rescind a contract, provided she reimburses all the expenses that have been incurred on the pregnancy. The intended parents are legally bound to incur all the expenses related to the pregnancy. In order to avoid problems in the future, detailed contracts are recommended. 

Armenia is a beautiful Eurasian country nestled between Eastern Europe and Western Asia and has a lot to offer to tourists looking for a combination of the wonders of nature and creations of man in the form of picturesque landscapes and amazing rock formations and, beautiful monasteries and castles, along with numerous museums showcasing an eclectic collection of glass work, jewellery, and contemporary art. A medical trip can be combined with a planned itinerary of this amazing country. The inexpensive world-class medical facilities, along with hassle-free legislations make gay surrogacy agencies in Armenia a preferred choice for ensuring a passport to the bliss of having children.

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