Wednesday, 23 February 2011

When hypocrisy meets homophobia: founder of Civilitas Foundation and editor of Aravot daily

He never distanced himself from his own words. He never said “sorry” for one of the most disgusting displays of homophobia to come out from the editor of national daily: Homophobic editor of Armenian daily Aravot - Aram Abrahamyan - came out with another hate editorial. Yes, “sorry seems to be the hardest word”, and the least he could have done.

I have to say I am not surprised that homophobic editor of Armenian daily Aram Abrahamyan has been invited to moderate the first discussion in new series One Hundred Questions and Answers hosted by Civilitas Foundation. This is yet another display of hypocrisy by organisation that talks about European values and human rights.

Let’s not forget that founder of the Civilitas and first “guest” of the ‘100 questions’ forum is Vartan Oskanian who tries hard at rebranding himself as ‘human rights champion’. In his latest statement Oskanian denounced Armenia’s ruling coalition latest announcement:
The ruling coalition’s announcement highlights the authorities’ disregard of democracy, elections and the public will.

There is just one big problem here, Mr. Oskanian.

Vartan Oskanian was Armenia’s foreign minister during 1 March 2008 bloody crackdown on the opposition in the aftermath of falsified presidential election. He was silent re human rights abuses then. In fact, I am wrong, he was vocal in his support and excuse of ruling regime’s actions. I do not remember him ever coming clean or apologising. For real.

At least one reader of this blog who received the invitation below, has already sent a complaint to Civilitas re collaboration with the homophobic editor.

I thought it would be good if someone could go there and challenge both Vartan Oskanian’s hypocrisy and Aram Abrahamyan’s homophobia. As they say, the aim of these discussions is “to give the citizens a possibility to pose direct questions to personalities who are responsible for different areas of life of the society.”

The Civilitas Foundation cordially invites you to the first discussion in its new series called

One Hundred Questions and Answers

Each month we will invite a public personality from all walks of life – political parties, civil society, public officials, etc. – to answer questions from the audience. The aim is to give the citizens a possibility to pose direct questions to personalities who are responsible for different areas of life of the society.

The discussions will be moderated by

Aram Abrahamyan
Editor-in-chief of Aravot daily

The first guest of the forum will be

Vartan Oskanian
Founder of Civilitas and
former Minister of Foreign Affairs

The event will take place at the
Yerevan Golden Tulip Hotel, Rossini Hall,
on February 28, Monday, at 4 p.m.

Entrance only by registration,
by phone 010 500 119.

Number of places is limited.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

GEEEZZZZ... the guy (Aram Abrahamyan) is only the MODERATOR. Do you know what that is?

He's not the guest of the show... He will only be there to MODERATE questions.

As to trying to defame Vartan Oskanian's character, you are only making yourself out to be a laughing stock... Really.

Read his book so you understand the values of this Man and where he's coming from. Being a member of the government does not mean that one is a supporter of EVERY action of that government! Not all members of the government are corrupt and out for their own good... Think about what you're saying...

It's better for good men to be working for the government and do good work behind the scenes, than to directly and publicly attack other members of government.


artmika said...

Thanks to for detailed reflection of my blog post.

Here is another reflection by PINK Armenia:

Civic actions will be moderated by hate promoter in Armenia

Anonymous said...

Oh God. Are we really living in this sick society??? Someone wrote a anti gay article or whatever. You write your pro stuff. That's the open society. Everyone says/writes what they want. Why are you attacking the person who saved your asses on diplomatic level for more than a decade. If not him, i wouldn't come and live in this country.

By attacking you show your weakness. Why don't u think out of box??? Aram is an editor. Journalist. JUST THE MODERATOR. now you see how sick your way of thinking is/??? Gosh. I'm soo sorry.

Gayaneh said...

March 1st?? Really?? Blaming Oskanian for March 1st? Whoever the author is, i would suggest to reconsider your thoughts before posting. I'll just add one question!!!! -----> WHERE THE F*** WAS LEVON TER PETROSYAN??? He bought all those people together, encouraging they could fight for their rights and democracy. WHERE WAS HE THAT DAY?? WHEN IT ALL HAPPENED??? WHERE??? WHERE IS HE NOW?? THE Good leader wouldn't chicken out and hide. The real leader would stand there, be next to those people who supported him.

Unknown said...

Regarding Abrahamyan. He obviously has the write to his own opinion, and to publish it, that is freedom of speech and press. That does not mean that his sentiments are not homophobic and based in ignorance (just for starters). It also means that he feels he should be able to impose his beliefs on others. This prejudice becomes significant when he is going to act as a moderator at a place which purports to support civil society. He of course has every right to moderate, but it also means he opens himself up to questioning in that regard, as Unzipped suggested. It does, also, say something about the priorities and viewpoints of Civilitas.

With regards to Oskanyan. He did not save anyone's a** for ten years, at least not civil society's, or those in the LGBT community, if that is what some of the commentators were insinuating. He did save a lot of the a**es from the upper echelons, and his own, and in fact spoke FOR Kocharyan in the end days of March 1. And as Unzipped duly points out, he has yet to criticize the former or present governments for the election, March 1, political prisoners, ongoing repressions and human rights violations (for a fuller more detailed list, see here
He did, however, manage to come out of Kocharyan's regime with a posh office on Northern Ave, from which he can well hear the chants of protesters on that Ave, and see so well the 'lush' and 'abundant' rides and performances of Liberty Square, which have made it unavailable to opposition marches for so long. He has yet to comment on that, though.
Perhaps he was not a supporter of every action of the government, but he has yet to criticize them. A good man will work in an institution until its actions and principles which are not in line with his own hit a critical threshold - that NEVER happened for Oskanyan.

And as for LTP, my dear, dear Gayaneh, LTP was not hiding on March 1. He was taken by force and placed under house arrest.

artmika said...

Aram Abrahamyan did it again: new homophobic outburst by the editor of Armenia’s highly ‘liberal’ and ‘ethical’ daily Aravot