Monday, 21 February 2011

Letter turned song. Juice - “You are my KIX” by Karen Grigoryan

First it was a letter, presumably a love letter, written in London by Karen. Then it became a song. Music video was made in Yerevan and Beirut. Once I called Karen Grigoryan “multitalented”: artist, songwriter, producer, film director and TV host, with degrees... in political science and European studies. With this music video he adds “cameraman” to his credentials too :)

I must confess I like Juice. I loved her appearance in Reincarnation video. In this video, she is less risky, more conventional. Pleasant enough, though, with good make up at the beginning. What I’d like to see from Karen and Juice next is something more cutting age. I know Karen can push the boundaries further, much further. Juice can do it too.

For now, it’s "You are my KIX".

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