Thursday, 11 November 2010

Riot, nudity... a very Armenian day in London gallery by artist Karen Grigoryan

It was a very strange, weird day in London. For the first time in decades, students riot erupted, clashes with police, surreal scenes you are more likely to see in Paris or Athens, but not in a more restrained London.

What this had to do with the exhibition of Armenian artist Karen Grigoryan in London, you may wonder? Well, there were some direct and indirect connections.

The opening of the exhibition coincided with the students riot, and the artist JUST managed to make it to his own exhibition, getting stuck in a travel chaos. Armenian fate :)

The exhibition - that contained some ‘risky’ images - was accompanied by Karen’s music, pomegranate wine and abundance of Armenian dry fruits and sweets.

It was an intimate affair, with a touch of class.

All exhibits were up for sale with the proceeds to go to the charity supported by the artist to buy Christmas presents for children in Gavar orphanage (Armenia).

P.S. Thanks to Karen for his present: CD album Emotions, a compilation of selected songs by songwriter-artist. I am listening to it while writing this post.

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