Thursday, 11 November 2010 social network for gay Armenian men to close down

It was launched in/around February 2009 to replace AGLA France popular online “meeting place” for LGBT Armenians after the French Armenian LGBT group ceased to exist.

It was presented as a “private social network for gay Armenian men and their friends. Though it's private, everyone can sign up and ask for membership.”

At the time of writing, has 1166 members, 14 groups, 4 featured interviews, 38 blog posts by members, 76 forum discussions, 1034 pictures and 139 videos uploaded.

Below is a message from the admin of

While I would not say it turned into a "dead network", I would agree that it failed to become a popular "meeting place", as gay Armenian men use other means to get/be in touch.
*** : no farewell speech

A message to all members of


We're considering to close network on Ning. The reasons are many:

- lack of time (first of all)

- lack of budget

and the most and not the least is lack of enthusiasm from members.

Keeping a dead network is useless. However the fan page at Facebook will replace this network since the majority of you have an account there and use other social networks more frequently than this one.



to all of you and we don't say farewell just good-bye! See you later on Facebook ;)

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