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#LGBTArmenia: Compilation of live tweets from a historic LGBT rights event in Armenia (part 2)

As you know, on 4 May 2010 there was a groundbreaking presentation on LGBT rights by PINK Armenia in Yerevan. This was accompanied by an unprecedented for Armenian LGBT related event live tweeting from the venue.

Below, part 2, as tweeted by Lara Aharonian (@Lara_Aha). Tweets are presented in a chronological order (bottom to top)

For part 1 - here.

i expect more from the #Armenian people regarding this issue, because we know first hand what being opressed means says Alex S

Even though the #Armenian Church has a certain approach to #LGBT issues, they never state hate and discriminatory messages
most of the time victims of violence in the #LGBT community won't report to police from fear of blackmail

#violence against #LGBT people is an issue in #Armenia, psychological, physical and sometimes sexual

wow the ministry of social affairs has been working on gender equality and women's rights...when?where?

So Gay men should openly say about their sexual orientation to get an alternative military service? isn't this discriminatory in itself?

the mentally ill status will cause later other problems for gay men, for example will not be allowed to get driving license

in order to be exempt from military service, gay men pass a psychological official test and are categorized as mentally ill

Marina MArgaryan calls for a need to pass a law to change the sex status in passport for Trans people after change of gender

lawyer Nona Markaryan suggests an alternative military service for GBT until the reality/laws changes in #Armenia

Mika Danielyan, Helsinki Association doesn't agree that gay men should get exempted from military service, the problem is not there he says

Ministry of Justice representative suggesting to NGOs to present a draft law on the changes required in the legal field

#lgbt issues concerns everyone in society

representatives from Ministry of social affairs and ministry of justice of RA are present

and a couple of more internl. declarations were signed as well by #Armenia to stop #homophobic acts and fight #discrimination against #lgbt

UN Declaration on "sexual orientation and gender identity" was signed by Armenia in 2008

legal support needed from the state to ensure the protection of the rights of #LGBT people

Mamikon presenting the Legal Analysis of #LGBT issues in #Armenia

major awareness work should be done in the media, NGOs, educational institutions on tolerance and the rights of #lgbt people

respondents say that they encounter psychological problems and suicidal thoughts but they will rarely seek for help

in the workplace, mainly LGBT people will keep their gender identity and sexual orientation secret from fear of discrimination

police will sometimes ask for bribes from #lgbt people to not tell about their sexual orientation to their families

At the YErevan State University, they won't let students, grad or undergrads, to write their thesis on #lgbt issues

"some heterosexual men won't touch the same items that a gay man touches in the University or sit at the same chair "

discrimination against LGBT people in the workplace, could be forced to quit once their sexual orientation is known

LGBT people enter also in forced marriages in the #armenian society and divorce rate following that is quite high

in the family, most LGBT people keep their sexual orientation secret fearing #homophobic reactions from closed ones

cases of #rape and #homicide occurred in #Armenia against gay people

#lgbt women are more accepted than men

#lgbt community in #armenia want to see more awareness initiatives to counter stereotypes that discriminate against them

Marina Margaryan, sociologist from @pinkarmenia presenting the results of the report

@pinkarmenia also works with survivors of #violence in the #lgbt community in #Armenia

Mamikon Hovsepyan from @pinkarmenia will present about the organization's projects

it is hard to talk of these issues in the #armenian society but today we will try to engage in an open dialogue

Alex Sardar from #counterpartArm is doing the opening speech and calling for a dialogue and open discussion today on #lgbtarmenia

"we and our rights" at the @pinkarmenia forum/presentation of the report on #lgbt situation in #armenia

*picture - by PINK Armenia

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