Friday, 14 May 2010

#LGBTArmenia: Compilation of live tweets from a historic LGBT rights event in Armenia (part 1)

As you know, on 4 May 2010 there was a groundbreaking presentation on LGBT rights by PINK Armenia in Yerevan. This was accompanied by an unprecedented for Armenian LGBT related event live tweeting from the venue.

Below, part 1, as tweeted by Adrineh Macaan on behalf of @pinkarmenia. Tweets are presented in a chronological order (bottom to top)

For part 2 - here.

Thanks to @adrinehmacaan for translating the booklet, she was also taking care of @pinkarmenia tweets & updating

Thanks to @USIAD @CounterpartAm for support, special thanks to @alexsardar for assisting and moderating today's presentaion & discussion

Thanks to everybody who took part in "We and Our Rights" presentation

now we invite you to lunch, "We and Our Rights" presentation over

hopes that conversation continues especially with/among state bodies, says @AlexSardar

shouldn't matter what "minority" group we're speaking about, whether sexual, ethnic, religious etc says @AlexSardar

but that just means they censor themself & don't talk about LGBT issues on air because international agencies are "watching"

there was homophobic radio program which we were able to get off the air says @MamikonHovsepyan

would love to hear about positive experience and positive resolutions to issues says one participant

we have big example and resource in Armenia that we don’t use in order to fight stereotypes says @AlexSardar

church “principles” don’t come out against LGBT discrimination, why don’t we raise this as example? says @AlexSardar

Labor Ministry says this also cultural issue not just legal issue i.e. films, media, etc #LGBTArmenia thus must fight stereotypes

correction: Justice Ministry not Defense Ministry rep

agree that state has to oversee NGOs it approves and check if spreading discrimination and misinformation says Defense Ministry

LGBT primary turn to NGOs that support and work with LGBT community for help such as WRCA, Helsinki Association

but may not report to law enforcement bodies because of bribes and threat of "outing" LGBT victims

physical and sexual violence cases in military and public life says @MarinaMarkaryan

has your research revealed cases of violence against LGBT people? asks someone at "We and Our Rights"

there are NGOs who themselves spread misinformation and discriminate says @MamikonHovsepyan

NGOs should unite and show support and strength in LGBT issue says @Lara_Aha
if NGO working on women’s issues also working on lesbian issues, but often we’re not doing this work in NGOS says @Lara_Aha

@Lara_Aha from WRCA speaking on role of NGOs on LGBT rights and this sector

this is one of possible steps to allow minorities’ rights to be heard at state level @MarinaMarkaryan

strongly disagree with this “numbers game” says Daniel Yeghisyan

not that it’s too early to talk about LGBT issues, but it’s too late says @MikaelDanielyan

even if number is small, doesn’t mean LGBT rights shouldn’t be protected @MarinaMarkaryan

important to recognize this is first survey inside LGBT community @MarinaMarkaryan

just because public isn’t ready doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist says @AlexSardar

child & family rep doesn’t think public is ready for LGBT issues; citizens understand men, women, but not trans

@MamikonHovsepyan military service should be voluntary, this is ideal #LGBTArmenia @Mikael Danielyan agrees

how does it get decided who is LGBT and who is not? question at "We and Our Rights" presentation

Daniel Yeghisyan says RA Defense Ministry sees problem with BGT & military service, but how to solve it?

Nona Markaryan says lack of corresponding laws, need LGBT rights protection, in response to Mikael Danielyan

Mikael Danielyan, Helsinki Association not necessary to stress sexual orientation for military exemption, Jehovah’s Witnesses also exempt

Mikael Danielyan, Helsinki Association doesn’t agree with GBT men exempt from military service

Nona Markaryan lawyer says need for new law to recognize gender identity

“hamaseramol”, “tmramol” terms in Armenian discriminatory @MamikonHovsepyan

Kevork Manukyan asks for more info on sex workers situation

Kevork Manukyan, Ministry rep suggests NGOs cooperate with state bodies

recommend amendments in RA legislation to ensure that LGBT discrimination and hate prevented and LGBT rights protected

necessary to adopt law to recognize gender identity and prohibit all forms of LGBT discrimination

Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE) resolution:

PACE resolution few days ago on LGBT rights, Armenian delegation voted against

Mar 31 Armenia signed Council of Europe Ministers Council to fight discrimination against LGBT people

Armenia signed UN LGBT declaration but not implemented into practice yet

Dec 2008 Armenia signed UN Declaration on protecting sexual orientation and gender identity

Discrimination specifically on basis of sexual orientation and gender identity ABSENT from RA legislation

according to Republic of Armenia (RA) Constitution Article 14 Section 1, all equal under the law, discrimination against sex etc prohibited

@MamikonHovsepyan speaking on human rights and all equal under the law

English version of booklet will be available on later today

complete research will be available on website

LGBT must come to terms with society in which they live, respect society’s current norms and rules, & conform: respondents

church doesn't accept LGBT, but no cases of discrimination and violence against LGBT by church, according to survey results

bisexual, gay men and transwomen need to get medical documentation to "prove" queer status to be exempt from military service

media in Armenia propagates LGBT stereotypes and spreads misinformation

LGBT can't fully disclose sexual history when seeking medical services, affects their health and may result in misdiagnosis

hetero men say they don't have contact with gay or bisexual male students in their university, according to survey

..., the more serious level of discrimination

more one’s external appearance or way s/he carries him/herself reveals his/her sexual orientation or gender identity...

LGBT Armenians mainly hide sexual orientation and gender identity from family, according to results of survey

According to respondents, there are cases of LGBT people in Armenia being raped and even murdered.

gay men more accepted than lesbian women according to respondents "We and Our Rights"

discrimination toward LGBT people begins from family ex. by kicking them out of the house, breaking off contact

LGBT respondents don't differentiate their rights from that of others according to survey #LGBTArmenia, want acceptance

@MarinaMarkaryan of @pinkarmenia presenting on "We and Our Rights" research

"We and Our Rights" sociological research and legal analysis on LGBT situation in #Armenia conducted by @PINKArmenia

@MamikonHovsepyan presenting on @pinkarmenia's activities

@AlexSardar from @Counterpart International Armenia representation speaking

#LGBTArmenia is hashtag for PINK #Armenia "We and Our Rights" presentation on LGBT rights starting soon

today: "We and Our Rights" presentation, 11am +4GMT follow on twittter & skype (pinkarmenia)

*pictures - by PINK Armenia


Anonymous said...

wow, Mika jan, great job in compiling all of this together! It's great to have an archive ;)

artmika said...

Thanks, Adrineh jan, and big thanks to you for live tweeting. Yes, I wanted us to have an archive of all the tweets made during the event, as they are too valuable to get lost in Twitter. It's a history in making, which we are all part of :)