Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Mark your diary: gay Armenian party in London - Fri 26 March

There will be no programme, no formality, just a space, us, (hopefully) good mood, and an opportunity to make new friends.

Whether you decide to come alone or with a friend(s), boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, it’s all OK. Enter the venue, go to the basement bar area (they call it ‘Village underground’). Notice Armenian faces or voices? Don’t be shy. Join in.

Below is a message from those who believe that time has come for the first ever gay Armenian party in London. I personally know them. I trust them. They have my support.
"It's been a long time waiting. We thought it's time for us to socialise and get to know each other. So we'd like to invite you for the first ever gay Armenian party in London.
Please, join us for a night of socialising, cocktails, networking and friends at this central London venue - basement, Village Soho on 26 March 2010, 9 pm.
We hope you could make it.
You are welcome to bring your friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and partners.
Please, RSVP with your names or nicknames."
To RSVP, please visit Gay Armenian party in London. Ignore mentioning of “poll” there (it’s just a Doodle thing).

Mark your diary: Friday 26 March, 9pm, Village (basement), Soho, London. (Free entry; no dress code; general venue entry policies apply)

81 Wardour Street, London W1D 6QD
*venue website (and pictures)


vaguSnervuS said...

congrats and n-joy :)

artmika said...

thank you ;)

Liana said...

how exciting! i want to come!

artmika said...

Come, Liana jan, come :)

You know, you are ALWAYS welcome. I wish you are with us on 26th.

Btw, if you know of anyone who might be interested in coming, please, pass the info.

Anonymous said...

I want to come too! But wait, I'm in Yerevan (where I guess I have my own Armenian gay party ;)

MMK said...

ooo, I am jealous:)
people wish you good mood and a lot of fun, I am with you there.
what if next time you organize an online party, so we could join the party easily from Armenia:)

artmika said...

Adrineh, MMK, I wish you are with us. I miss partying with you, guys. Promise, will drink on your behalf too :)

Style pimp said...

Hey, is this the place we went together Mika?

artmika said...

No, it's right next to it :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Great news!!!!
I'll be there and hope lots of can make it:)
Lets have party!

artmika said...

Look forward to ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds Great!!!

Garo said...

would like to join you, but I think i won't manage to be on time, will be in london later))

artmika said...

Garo, if you could make it, even if a bit late, that would be great. Otherwise, I hope there will be other occasions in future too.

artmika said...

Reflections on Twitter:

two worlds collide in amazingness!! (@ Village) http://4sq.com/4yjK2y

"Tonight I'm not taking no calls 'cause I'll be dancing!" Am out with *the* most amazing Armenian man... So happy he married me!

So good to finally meet @unzippedblog a truly great guy and looking forward to future parties!

@davechapman Thank you so much. Was so lovely meeting you last night. Miss your company already. Here is hoping for more occasions and soon.

P.S. Gay Armenian party in London

Big thanks to everyone for coming to our first gay Armenian party in London and for making it a very pleasant evening, indeed.

I met old friends and quite a few new friends.

Here is hoping for more occasions to come.

If you have ideas for new parties, events etc, please do keep in touch via email (on the right-hand side of this blog).

See you soon ;) x

Anonymous said...

Hello my fellow Armenians! I found out this post by chance. Are there more gay armenian parties in London?

artmika said...

nothing planned for a near future yet, but if anything comes out, will let readers of this blog know, for sure.