Saturday, 28 November 2009

Dita Von Teese on her Armenian roots at a book signing event in London

I met Dita at Waterstone's bookstore in central London. She is a famous American burlesque artist, model and actress. She was in London for a book signing event for her newly published book Dita Stripteese. She looked stunning and elegant.

I managed to have a very brief chat with her. As you may remember from one of my earlier posts, tweetting during Eurovision 2009, Dita Von Teese revealed that she is part Armenian:
"At eurovision, The Armenians are killing me with their hair and especially the fierce cateye liner! LOVE! I am part Armenian, in fact." *
I then looked over various sources but could not find any info to clarify this further. So I used this opportunity to ask Dita directly about her Armenian roots.

She said to me that unfortunately she does not know much about her Armenian roots. She said that it's from her grandmother's side saying that her grandmother was "adopted Armenian".

Long queues outside the Waterstone's bookstore on Piccadilly, London.

Book signing, Waterstone's bookstore, Piccadilly, London.

...And here is more info about her truly a "playful and beautifully packaged book" - Dita Stripteese. Happy to have it signed by Dita :)


hampers said...

What an amazingly talented lady.

Cherry Master said...

perhaps her grandmother was one of the many orphaned genocide survivors that ended up in in Europe and America