Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Yerevan diaries: French Terrace cafe

Sadly, one of my favourite places to hang out in Yerevan during summer/early autumn, French Terrace cafe (gay venue), no longer exists, due to the demolition project in downtown Yerevan (picture 1). It was situated right in front of the former Meline's gay bar, across the Arami Street, and was part of the French restaurant called simply "Le Restaurant Français".  However, there is now a terrace cafe area right outside the French restaurant, covered by green leaves (picture 2). Recommended by locals. 


John said...

It irritates me every time I walk by and see that the place no longer exists. I used to love going there with a few other volunteers and sitting outside smoking a hookah. There was also a really cute waiter that I used to flirt with, so that's even more of a pity! Grrrrr.

artmika said...

;) I know!..