Thursday, 10 September 2009

Armenian sportsmen naked in Dieux du Stade - real and local

Hot Argentinian Armenian rugby player Juan Martin Berberian naked in Dieux du Stade 2009

This famous annual calendar of naked rugby players Dieux du Stade started in 2001 with a sensational back then video and photo shoot of hot French rugby players. This calendar has a charitable purpose too, and unsurprisingly became an instant hit among many gay men, myself including.

For the first time, a rugby player of Armenian origin (Argentinian) Juan Martin Berberian (photo above) appeared on this year’s issue of Dieux du Stade. He represents - hot ;) ! - September.

...and in Armenia

Always wanted to see Armenians there, and was wondering whether anything similar is possible in Armenia. It may sound an impossible task at first sight. But only at first sight. Apparently, such an attempt has been made in Yerevan, involving a local and international football players. The photo-session by designer / art director Vahan Khachatryan (who should get a hero recognition for attempting - successfully! - at seemingly impossible task) appeared in Armenian magazine Chocolate a few years ago. Via Kamoblog, some photos and a video from the shootings (below), presented by the author Vahan Khachatryan. [Photo-shoot by Artashes Martirosyan; video by Artyom Abovyan.] On the first couple of photos is Armenian footballer Karen, then 21 yrs old. Others were foreigners playing at Armenian football clubs.


Paco said...

Wow so sexy, by the way in edition 2007 there was Georgian player Micha Iachvili (he was on national team in France) :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))
But all those videos are so hot!

artmika said...

Here we are: French rugby player of Georgian origin Dimitri Yachvili naked in Dieux du Stade