Sunday, 3 May 2009

Inga and Anush Arshakyan: first rehearsal in Moscow for Eurovision 2009

Here are my first impressions.

Although audio on this video does not seem good, I do not think Inga & Anush will have problems with the vocals. I liked blue coloured theme on the stage. However, I am not convinced with the dance routines during the performance. I know, this is only the first rehearsal, but they have to get their act better in future rehearsals. Anyway, I expected something more weird (in a good way) and alternative from sisters’ performance. Still, as far as I understand from reports coming from Moscow, there may be some surprises towards the final performances. Here is hoping.

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artmika said...

Here is what Inga & Anush official blog says: "One thing we would like our devoted readers to know - we still keep the surprise for the show ;)"

Look forward to being surprised :) All for pleasant surprises! Will keep an eye...