Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Obama and the Pope on dancers' naked bodies

ITN: US President Barack Obama and Pope Benedict have appeared in a dance show at the Acropolis in Greece - painted on the naked bodies of the performers.

It is the work of a Swiss artist who goes by the name of Dave, who said he chose the Pope and Mr Obama because they provoke conversation.

The work was inspired by fusionism which is an art form that combines abstract painting and choreographed performances.

It is part of an art marathon. The plan is that one artist will be sent to a different country every year for the next 42 years to exhibit their work and create discussion on how art can make the world a better place.

But it has not been easy for Dave. He said it took several days to create and plan the performance particularly the choreography, to make sure the picture fitted together properly. There was also a fair bit of re-touching when his art work got smudged.

Dave said: "This is really hard. Then it's the performance you have to plan and the painting... So I start at 8am and I'm still here."

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