Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - The Tudors

*Towleroad: Jonathan Rhys Meyers Sits on a Throne of Naked Men - "This is apparently a print ad for the new season of The Tudors in which Jonathan Rhys Meyers conquers a gay bathhouse." (photo - Broadway's Nick Adams)

Looking forward to the new season of The Tudors. In the meantime, I can't believe I missed this TV drama; already ordered DVDs of previous 2 seasons to catch up ;)


Anonymous said...

"conquers a gay bathhouse"?? My fantasy starts to work overtime? ;-)

artmika said...

Do not do it to me, Myrthe. It's morning in London, and have to go to work ;)

artmika said...

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - the sexiest man in 2009