Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Amazing social ad by group of students at Yerevan State University... and more

"This world is for everybody"

PINK Armenia reports that group of students at Yerevan State University prepared this amazing equality and tolerance related social ad, as part of their final term works. PINK Armenia also participated there.

Brave, tastefully made, right to the point. Well done, guys! Congratulations for this excellent work!! As far as I am concerned, you passed your tests with honors.

*English text of the video

- Being homosexual is not a choice.

- Being infected with HIV, doesn't stop me being your friend.

- By denying me, you don't help me to leave drugs.

- I am a sex worker...
- My mother is the best mother in the world.

- We all are equal, this world is for everybody

Another impressive example of social activism is by lesbian Armenians and their partners/friends. These photos below, via Queering Yerevan, entitled "Censored".


Միասեռական (in Armenian)


marina said...

Hiiiiiiiiii everybody!!! I'm Marine, one of the authors of this social ad!!!
I want to thank everybody who took part!!!
And I want to say that I'm shocked because of such illiterate and absurd point of view which is written in one of our most popular newspapers!!!
I call on everybody to be more aware of the issue they are representing, because that can become a source of many problems for many people!!!

artmika said...

Hi Marine! As I said in my post, impressive work, well done!! People like you and your friends give us hope that things may change in Armenia... for better.