Saturday, 31 January 2009

We will keep fighting for our rights and we will expose hypocrites

The letter [Open Letter Against Intolerance] will be sent to a series of international organizations, and to the human rights Ombudsman. We MUST expose the hypocrites, ideologues of hatred and homophobia, such as Karine Danielyan who is a "respected" professor at the Yerevan State University.

We WILL expose that Danielyan who "is a highly respected academician and former minister for nature protection in the Republic of Armenia, the UNDP national expert on sustainable development, president of the national association “for sustainable human development”, and chairperson of the non-governmental sector of the national council of sustainable development in Armenia" is in fact someone who endorses selective and preferential treatment of "humans" -- gays and lesbians obviously are excluded from her definition of a human being.

The letter will be sent on February 1, 2009, to proclaim and to remind everyone in Armenia and elsewhere of our rights as equal citizens of the Republic of Armenia and our declaration that we will not stop fighting for our rights!

Shushan A., Women-Oriented Women’s (WOW) Collective (Queering Yerevan blog)

P.S. If you wish to sign the letter, please do so by 1st February.