Monday, 17 November 2008

Piramid LGBTT - world's first Kurdish gay rights group

Thanks to the reader of Unzipped: Gay Armenia, below is the link to the blog of world's first Kurdish gay rights group - Piramid LGBTT (in Kurdish and Turkish):

"They are based in northern Kurdistan in the city of Diyarbakir. They are very active and arranging demonstrations, lectures, debates etc. This year was the first year ever that a gay organisation participated in the Kurdish Newroz celebration in Diyarbakir and in all of Kurdistan!"

In fact, in March 2008 I posted the story (mentioned above by the reader of this blog) on Kurdish gay rights group's first ever participation in Newroz celebration:

As I do not know Kurdish or Turkish, I won't be able to personally follow the blog, but will appreciate updates from readers of this blog who know either of these languages.


Jane said...

Wow this is something fantastic, they will be the voice of the unheard. Kurdistan is developing into western mentality I see!

Zinar Ala said...

Spas, thank you for the news.