Thursday, 6 November 2008

Michelle Obama: "That Dress? Everyone Has an Opinion"

Yes, this was a 'hot' topic of discussion the day after. In Armenian circles too. I must say, most times I quite liked Michelle Obama's style of dressing, but I would agree that in this particular case it was a fashion lapse. Still, she is not afraid of taking risks. It's not boring, for sure.

Via The New York Times:

Some of the most heated conversations on the morning after election night centered on Michelle Obama’s dress. The first lady-elect took to the stage at Grant Park in Chicago on Tuesday night wearing a red-and-black sheath by Narciso Rodriguez. A sleeveless, scoop-neck adaptation of a more revealing design for spring that Mr. Rodriguez showed on a runway in New York in September, it sparked instant debate among viewers, with some calling it an eye-catching statement and others, an eyesore.

“I voted for Obama, but I didn’t vote for that dress,” said Jessica Bettencourt, a homemaker and mother of three in Mequon, Wisc., who shared a widely held view that Mrs. Obama had exhibited a rare lapse in taste. [...]

Based on her many public appearances of the past two years, Mrs. Obama’s tastes run from J. Crew to adventurous American labels. She frequently accessorizes with ultra-wide belts and theatrical brooches. Certainly, her style is a departure from the starchy attire that first ladies historically favored.

At the least, it promises four lively years of fashion-watching at the White House.

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Ani said...

Maybe not the best choice for her figure, but I'm pretty sure this was the subtext, and she made the choice for pride in the red and black: