Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Inspirational: "I am American"

They proved that impossible is possible in America. They proved that ‘American dream’ exists. With all its shortcomings, this was a huge democratic exercise.

Over the last decade, and especially last years, US reputation fell down below the lowest possible denominator. It became a bad tone to say "I am American". No longer. At least for now, for me it sounds more like a compliment. Now they may proudly say: "I am American".

I knew that November is going to be a special month for me. It indeed turned out to be very special for personal/professional reasons. It's now very special for the 4th November too, double, triple special. It feels great, inspirational.

Expectations are so high of him that chances to get disappointed are very high too. Beginning of new era, or so I hope.

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