Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Feminist – first openly feminist magazine of modern Armenia

Published by the Women’s Resource Centre:

“The word feminism is generally not understood in our society. What’s more, the questions raised by the feminist movement are seen as foreign and destructive to the Armenian culture, and the way people perceive feminism is far from what the actual movement represents.

In order to comprehend, recognise and grasp feminist ideas, it is first and foremost necessary to gain a multi-perspective understanding of those principles.

Drawn to this cause, the Women’s Resource Centre has initiated the publication of the first openly feminist magazine of modern Armenia, which will offer the opportunity to discuss and analyze the past, present and future of the feminist movement both in Armenia and in the world. Today there are many magazines that are “for” and “about women” that offer various remedies to become beautiful, charming, captivating, loved, successful, etc. The goal of Feminist is to pay particular attention to the woman, mostly to her psychological, social, economical and political issues, as well as to create a forum where women can express their desires, thoughts, and frustrations.

The first issue of Feminist magazine includes interviews with women from Armenia and Diaspora, and foreign women about their views on the roles of Armenian women. In this regard, Azeri activist Rena Tahirova discusses women’s roles in peace processes. Hoping to run this first attempt into tradition, we are also including information about women who have contributed to Armenia’s social, political and cultural life at various epochs, and in this context we are publishing Zabel Yesayan’s letter to Avetik Isahakian from 1934. In the future issues, we are going to publish excerpts from other prominent Armenian writers as well.

Dear reader, we hope that our efforts in Feminist will help change the various gender stereotypes that exist in the Armenian society.

In solidarity,

Women’s Resource Centre”

In solidarity,

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Anonymous said...

Great initiative! I hope the magazine will be successful.