Sunday, 24 August 2008

“Lesbi dance” among more expensive (and sought for?) in Yerevan striptease clubs

As I mentioned in my Armenia Gay Guide, in Armenia, when people say "nightclub", they most commonly refer to “striptease club”. To avoid possible confusions, if you intend to go to “dance clubs”, I would advise using the word “discotheque”.

Aravot daily reports on prices you may expect for a trip to the “nightclub”, aka striptease club. You have to have at least $ 300 to go out there. If you expect some special treatment, you have to put more money. For a private, completely naked dance, a client pays 20 000 drams ($ 66-67); for a semi-private dance, when dancer reveals only breasts, it’s 10 000 ($ 33). Table dance is relatively cheap – 5 000 ($ 16-17). For admirers of “lesbi dance” (two women strip dancing together) – it’s 20 000 ($ 66-67). Apparently, you may ask dancer for a “private chat” too which costs 6 000 ($ 20).

Full article (in Armenian) which contains interviews with few dancers and some interesting insight into the macho men mentality and in general as perceived by strip dancers is available here.

There are also male strip dancers in Yerevan, though male strip shows are not as regular or frequent as women ones. Anecdotal evidence suggests, however, that they are becoming more popular lately. Someone once hinted that male strip shows for Armenian women would be key for their sexual liberation and eventual sexual revolution. Do not know about that but that we need sexual liberation in our society is without doubts for me. I would suggest starting with the sexual education.

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