Sunday, 20 July 2008

'Straight' Armenian guys... meeting (humour)

Sorry to anyone who does not know Armenian. This is just impossible to translate. However, if you know Armenian and Armenian realities, you may find this short video clip of “32 Atam” comedy club in Yerevan simply hilarious. So typical. Good, too good to miss. Thanks to H.V. for the link to this video. As he says, “…this is how it all happens!” Enjoy! :)


Anonymous said...

HAHA thats great Mika jan you posted it here! the video was just too good! im glad to see that Armenians are finaly showing this stuff! lol atleast with comedy they will begin to see that its not so . . . taboo.

Lost.Armenian aka H.V. ;)

artmika said...

;) You are right, LostArmenian, comedy/humour are important means to break up 'taboo' subjects making them more acceptable ('easy to digest') to mainstream public. That's one of the ways successfully used in other countries in relation to LGBT community. And Armenians love comedy sketches, and even during Soviet period they helped to pass to the public important messages and 'undercover' criticism. Along with entertainment value, of course. So lets hope we'll see more good works from the field.