Friday, 18 July 2008

Police officers in Turkey on trial for assaulting transsexual

Bianet reports that two police officers in Turkey who beat up and insulted transsexual Esmeray a year ago will be eventually put on trial for “bashing and insulting”. Date of the hearing has yet to be set.

“According to Esmeray’s account, she was stopped by a police officer while going back to her home and yelled at for taking the route forbidden to her. The yelling was followed by a punch to her eye and kicks by the other police officers when she hit the ground.”

Despite police “apologies”, Esmeray decided to take the matter to the court since “this was nothing new. Passing by the street in front of the police station (which happens to be one of the major streets in Taksim area in Istanbul and open to public) has been banned to the transvestites and transsexuals for a while.” Esmeray wanted to know if this was legal. She filed her complaint so that others would not have to go through this human rights violation again.”

According to further reports, there was another reported police assault towards Esmeray this May, and the office of prosecutor in Istanbul has already launched an investigation into that incident.

This case proves that even in societies where homophobia is prevalent and the application of law is questionable, to say the least, it is possible to achieve some progress if you do not give up and use all possible legal means to fight for your human rights.

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