Sunday, 6 July 2008

London Gay Pride parade - 5 July 2008

All photos - by Unzipped: Gay Armenia

Picture 233

Picture 240

Veteran gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell and actor Sir Ian McKellen. Peter Tatchell marched  carrying a poster ridiculing the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It featured a photo of Amhadinejad wearing blue eye shadow, red lipstick, a gold
earring and pink nail varnish. The placard was emblazoned with the words: "President of Iran. Murderer. Homophobe." Next to the President's tiny wagging finger was a mocking speech bubble with the words: "My penis is this big."

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Picture 256

For the first time in history, LGBT representatives from all three armed forces - Navy, Army and Airforce, were out parading in their full dress uniforms. Metropolitan Police and Fire Brigade were out there too.

Picture 279

Older LGBT community

Picture 287

Picture 290

LGBT Muslims

Picture 296

Picture 297

The presence of transgender community was particularly strong this year.

Picture 308

Amnesty International supporters staged 'Eurovision Pride Contest' at the London Gay Pride parade, awarding symbolic 'nul points' to countries with poor gay rights record.

Picture 315

Stonewall's campaign Education for All and Boycott Heinz featured prominently during the march.Picture 327


Picture 331    Colourful

Picture 329

A handful of protesters (Christian fundamentalists). Very sad people, indeed!Picture 338

Rainbow flag over the St Martin-in-the-Fields church. What a sight, eh?! Picture 339

Absolut vodka known for its gay-friendly ads, turned rainbow for the occasion, Soho, London.


artmika said...

For more London Gay Pride 2008 photos, see my Picasa Web Album

Mamikon PINK said...

nice pictures and nice article, thanks Mika. Just I wonder if Sirusho knows about the fact that her song also was choosen for the pride:)

artmika said...

I hope she will read my separate post about it (or someone from her team), or she will be able to find a video of her song at the London Gay Pride on my youtube channel ;)

Pawel said...

I was there at the London Pride too:)

Cool to know there is something LGBTQ going on in Armenia. Do you know Karen?:)

artmika said...

Yes, I know him :) Btw, nice site you have.