Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Gay Azeri artist's asylum campaign update

No Borders South Wales reports that "Babi B has been campaigning to stay in the UK since his claim for asylum was rejected. He has been informed that he is now liable to be detained and has to sign in every week at the Border and Immigration Agency offices in Cardiff. His first signing was last Tuesday (24th June) and supporters from the campaign accompanied Babi to the BIA offices. Concern is high that he may be snatched at one of these signings so everyone was relieved to see him come out of the building, not least Babi himself."

Apparently, local Azeri newspaper run a story on Babi B, disputing his "internationally renown artist" credentials. Effectively, this article outed Babi to the whole family, and he received threatening phone calls.

However, "this article has raised Babi’s profile even further in Azerbaijan, resulting in letters being written to the press in his defence."

Babi will speak about his experiences on Thursday 3 July 2008, 7.30 pm during a public meeting at Butetown History and Arts Centre in Cardiff, Wales.

*photo via No Borders South Wales


Onnik Krikorian said...

3 July you mean (not 3 June). Anyway, have passed on details to one of the GV authors who lives in Cardiff, but not sure if she can make it as she's just got back from Budapest and is likely knackered.

Incidentally, will you be attending?

artmika said...

Of course, 3 July, thanks, already amended.

Unfortunately, I can't make it as am away for a conference till end of this week. I'll get in touch with him afterwards to see if there are any more updates he wants to share.

Onnik Krikorian said...

Didn't mean to be pedantic, but confused me a little until I clicked through the link. Not that I'm in Cardiff, but some of your readers might be.

artmika said...

Oh, no, I am thankful, typos could be confusing, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even realise he was in this country! I thought he still lived in Baku. i hope he gets to stay - he's a cool guy.