Friday, 6 June 2008

Sex and The City: The Movie

I am a big fan of Sex and the City TV series, so you could imagine how much I was waiting for the release of the film version and managed to watch it on the first day of its release in London - 28 May.

Sex and The City made quite an impact on Western audiences in terms of liberating sex talk and showing a women's side of the 'story'. And not only... Not only it's a great entertainment, but it makes you think and could be quite helpful in various 'life' situations too. Not infrequently, when I was home feeling down, all I needed to do for a quick 'cure' was to put it on DVD, and exchange my reality with that created based on Candace Bushnell's best selling novel. It is urgently needed to be shown in Armenia (I mean TV series), where only few watched it either via Russian TV, overseas or DVDs.

Only in very rare cases TV productions transformed into the big screen successfully. Therefore, I did not have very high expectations. My main disappointment with the movie is its lack in sufficient edginess. There was also scarcity of sharp one-liners and catch phrases which TV series were so famous of. Overall, the writing was not as sharp as in TV series. And it was a bit too long. Still, I enjoyed it, it was pleasant enough, it was like meeting your (not so) old TV friends. And I will watch it again, soon.