Sunday, 27 April 2008

'Diplomat to be' Sirusho in London as part of her Eurovision 2008 Song Contest promo tour

Armenia’s Eurovision 2008 representative Sirusho was a guest of Armenian Diaspora’s Navasardian cultural centre in London this Friday. She came to London as part of her promotional tour ahead of the contest in Belgrade, Serbia.

First question was about “Qele, qele” – whether it is Armenian name? (surprise, surprise!) In response, Sirusho reminded the audience about famous Armenian composer Komitas’s “Qele, qele” song.

The most surprising discovery for me was to learn that Sirusho is currently studying at the Yerevan State University… Department of International Relations… for a diplomat (!). In fact, her final exams coincide with the dates of Eurovision contest. Not that anyone doubts she will pass.

She refused answering to personal questions, e.g. on marriage plans, saying that for now her focus is on Eurovision. (rumours: she is a girlfriend of Armenia ex-president Robert Kocharyan’s son)

At the end she performed “Qele, qele”. She then headed to the London nightclub Scala for the UK Eurovision Preview Party with invited Eurovison 2008 contenders from a number of countries.

She will become the first female artist to represent Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest and is the first Armenian Eurovision representative to visit the UK on a promotional tour. Most observers also note that comparing with the previous two years, Sirusho’s promotional tours are much better organised. She is now heading to Germany, the Netherlands and France.

Sirusho is among favourites to win (or at least to be among top scorers) in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, as per Internet fans and betting agencies. Armenia’s former Eurovision representatives Andre and Hayko, who both scored 8th place, will join her in Belgrade as part of the country’s support group.

Significant part of the audience were children. They were also the most active in asking questions.

Good luck, Sirusho!

*Sirusho at the UK Eurovision Preview Party, Scala nightclub, London


Ani said...

Sirusho has every requirement it takes to become a senior diplomat in today's Armenia--unfortunately.

artmika said...


Anonymous said...

Mika, have you been at La Scala's Eurovision Preview party? If yes, tell me your impressions.

It's me Micha Yesoudo ;)

artmika said...

Micha jan, I had to be in different place Friday night therefore only attended Navasardian centre meeting. But some of my friends were in Scala. They said that although her first song was not very good and with technical problems (she performed 2 songs), crowd in Scala (more than 1000 people) took very well Sirusho's "Qele, qele". Many British and other people were singing along with Sirusho, and she was one of two or three favourites among other invited Eurovision contestants. Let's see how she will do it in Belgrade. Will look forward to read your impressions re her Paris tour.

Anonymous said...

she needs dancing lessens.

artmika said...

She certainly does, Grigor.

As far as I know, they hired someone famous from Russia to set up a show for her.

artmika said...

Btw, she speaks very good English, was pleasantly surprised.