Monday, 6 August 2007

Armenian flag at Amsterdam Gay Pride

My last post was devoted to Q-Hye - Armenian LGBT organisation's participation in San Francisco Pride. Today, via Tommi Laitio, a Finnish journalist in Amsterdam, I learnt that Armenia, along with other Eastern European and post-Soviet countries, had LGBT representatives at Amsterdam Gay Pride, with Armenian flag seen on the the COC (Dutch LGBT organisation) boat during the famous Canal Parade on Saturday afternoon (4 August), which is the highlight of Amsterdam Pride:

"A Finnish friend of mine who works for a gay and lesbian organisation was in town for a seminar and she asked if I would like to join one of the boats of the Dutch gay and lesbian organisation COC [COC is known for its support of LGBT organisations in post-Soviet countries, including Menk-WFCE in Armenia]. I instantly decided to give it a go and did not regret that for a second. It was fun with people mostly from the international projects of COC so the boat was filled with people from Poland, Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Kirgistan, Moldova and a bunch of other countries where being gay is still a risk and a struggle. It was nice to witness how much they enjoyed the boat ride in the sun through a cheering Amsterdam.

I heard from my friend that Amsterdam's Gay Pride is turning again slightly more political without losing its jolly tone. Fantastic event altogether."

Pictures via Geoff Coupe


Anonymous said...

I heard that COC had a boat with participants from Eastern-Europe. It's great to see the Armenian flag on it.

There are lots of things I am critical about regarding my native country Holland, but I am proud that I come from a country where something like the Gay Parade is possible and supported.

real armenian said...

are you kidding me?! whoever put that flag there is not a true armenian! armenia is a christian country that is against gays.

artmika said...

Whether you like it or not, I can assure you that whoever put that flag there is true Armenian, from a secular country Armenia. Time to get REAL, 'real armenian'.