Saturday, 4 August 2007

Q-Hye – Armenian LGBT organisation, in San Francisco Pride 2007

It was 24th June 2007 – the participation of Q-Hye – San Francisco’s Armenian gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender organisation, in San Francisco Pride. It became an important regular event for a number of gay Armenians in the area. In fact, it was the 7th year since they first started participating in San Francisco Pride in 2001. Luckily, there are places where gay Armenians can celebrate their Pride and live their lives openly, although based on pictures and video I've seen, very few Armenians have actually marched during the Pride.

As indicated in Q-Hye statement, “all too often Armenian LGBT grow up in communities that are unable to understand and support them. In many cases Armenian LGBT leave their communities to find more supportive environments thus separating themselves from their Armenian heritage and roots. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and safe space where Armenian LGBT, their families and friends can freely express their thoughts, opinions and integrate the two identities.”

According to their website, “Q-Hye’s first meeting took place in a restaurant in San-Francisco in November 2000. Since then we have continued to meet on a monthly basis, generally on the first weekend of the month.” They participate in a wide range of activities, from Armenian community events and the annual commemoration of Armenian Genocide anniversary to meeting up at each other’s homes, restaurants, going on hiking and so on.

To contact Q-Hye and for more details about the organisation, visit here

Krikor, President of Q-Hye, in his statement made before this year Pride, mentioned that their last year placard "Hummusexulality is not Tabooli" definitely got the crowd's attention and they loved it.” Unfortunately, there were no similar placards for this year Pride (the only one is pictured above).

As Q-Hye pointed out, they “consider Pride the highlight of our year when we get to dance Shourchbar (Armenian circle dancing) down Market Street.” You can see more dancing in this year pictures.

A gallery of pictures of Q-Hye in San-Francisco Pride 2007 is now available here. They have more archive pictures on their main site.

*source of picture: Q-Hye

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