Friday, 15 June 2007

Bad News: The first and the only Yerevan gay bar - Meline's bar, was closed down...

UPDATE: Last Day of Meline’s bar – 31 July 2008

Update (22 August 2007): Meline's bar re-opened! For more info, read here

I've just learnt that Meline's bar was closed down... Meline's was opened in November 2004. It was the first and the only openly gay bar in Yerevan with gay staff and clientele.

Here is the announcement posted on Meline's website (12 June 2007):

We are so sorry people but Meline's Bar is CLOSED FOREVER. Only our Travesty Shows will go on in different clubs. Regards

I do not know the reasons behind this closing, will try to find out (does anyone know any details?), but this is very sad news for LGBT community in Armenia. We had our bar and we lost it... I hope there were just technical or tactical reasons behind the closing. In any case, people who run this venue deserve encouragement and gratitude. They were the first, they were brave, they were great. Thank you!

Let's hope that LGBT community in Armenia will not remain deprived of 'own' venue.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know Meline's had closed. I didn't go there that often because their sound system would give me a headache ;-). It's a shame it closed down. If I hear anything about why, I'll let you know.

artmika said...

thanks myrthe, please keep me posted. I also sent email messages to managers and some friends. As soon as I hear any news, will post it here. Btw, it's great to have Dutch perspectives on Armenia - your blog is interesting and I subscribed to it. And please, if you discover any LGBT friendly place/event in Armenia (I know, not the easiest of tasks!), let me know x

Anonymous said...

I've only been there twice and actually on the last day of the bar without even knowing it. It's a shame the bar is closed as it was The only and The first openly gay bar as I understand it in Armenia. I would like to thank the owner and the staff for a very welcoming atmosphere. I wish we would have a way of helping reopen it. Another thing is that we do not know the reason for the closure. I would also like to ask here if there are national and other Gay Activist Groups or Gay Rights Movement? I heard about the WFCE however have not contacted them yet, I am new to this stuff but I am thinking about getting more involved in GRM or GAG if somebody can help me find the right organization I would be very thankful.

artmika said...

It will be great to have more people involved in gay rights groups or movement in Armenia. At this stage, all known groups in Armenia or Diaspora with contact details are listed in Armenia Gay Guide, which I published in this blog (direct link to it is provided in upper right corner of this blog).