Thursday, 18 May 2017

British embassy in Yerevan raised rainbow flag to mark IDAHOT + more news from South Caucasus

For the first time ever, British embassy in Yerevan raised the rainbow flag to mark IDAHOT - the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

To see the rainbow flag proudly waving in the very heart of Armenia capital, even though by a foreign country, is pretty historic.

Big respects to the UK Embassy in Yerevan. It’s an important act of solidarity with local LGBT activists.

And of course, all the usual suspects on Armenian Facebook and beyond were in a state of total agony at a sight of the rainbow flag.

I hope this will become a tradition and more embassies in Armenia will follow suit.

But more significantly and importantly, I wish THE day will come when I will see the rainbow flag waving openly at local venues, institutions, groups...

Btw, British embassy in Baku has joined embassies around the world in flying the rainbow flag.

In Tbilisi, embassy posted a picture with the British ambassador holding the rainbow flag to accompany their IDAHOT message.

In other important developments from the South Caucasus, brave LGBT activists in Tbilisi managed to hold an IDAHOT rally which reportedly passed without major incidents, although not without reports of physical assault.

Great coverage by OC media here: Queer rights activists mark 17 May in Tbilisi under heavy police presence; Church takes to streets

And awesome PINK Armenia unveiled their calendar of events to mark IDAHOT.

In a related development, while not as radical as British, the US embassy in Yerevan changed their Facebook cover photo to the rainbow flag for the occasion (great move!), and posted a message marking IDAHOT.