Tuesday, 7 February 2017

X Factor Armenia judges: homophobes, closets and… drag

Egor Glumov

X Factor Armenia judge. Works as a presenter at homophobic radio station - radio Van. Self-proclaimed “militant homophobe”. To be more precise: “Christian and militant homophobe”, as he describes himself on a bio page for X Factor Armenia judges.

And here is Egor Glumov in drag, celebrating his workplace birthday. Or shall we say ‘celebrating’ himself?

*source of pictures: Tert.am

Garik, aka Ekaterin

X Factor Armenia judge. He is the author of lyrics for Armenia Eurovision entry Aram MP3 song Not Alone. But he is more known in Armenia as Ekaterin for his comedy sketches in drag.

When this blog exposed homophobic statements by Aram MP3, followed by Aram’s apology, Garik was all silent in Copenhagen where the song contest took place. As soon as he arrived back in Yerevan’s Zvartnots airport, he suddenly became all vocal, you know the fake macho-style type vocal, with a series of homophobic outbursts. [There is a saying in Armenian re this type of people: Հայաստանից դուրս կուռկուռի ձագ են դառնում]

And in his capacity of X Factor judge, Garik, aka Ekaterin, on the very day when the world marks IDAHOT, shouted that he is fighting too but on the side of homophobes. (watch this video from 1:17)


X Factor Armenia judge. Andre was the first representative of Armenia in Eurovision in 2006.

On this video (from 26:40) from one of past seasons of X Factor Armenia he burst into homophobic rant when a participant dedicated his performance to IDAHOT. It’s hardly a secret who Andre really likes being with and which clubs he attends when in US or Europe.

To sum up:

You do not have to expose details of your private life. You do not have to be gay rights activist. But you don’t need to be a f*cking homophobic bully on TV or elsewhere. And if you do, there will be people out there to expose your hypocrisy.

P.S. I wonder if X Factor license that Shant TV - I assume - holds allows such displays of homophobic hatred.


Anonymous said...

I think you should start a petition or something that will get the attention of the X-Factor international brand ..showing them that one of their Armenian judges literally calls themselves homophobic in their bio! This is insane!

Anonymous said...

A yesho zabil dobavit yavlayus polnim gandonom. (Sorry I had to add to his bio) TRANSLATION "and also I'm a complete degenerate"

Unknown said...

Andre is gay. I personally have seen him at Micky's in West Hollywood. Micky's is a gay bar. West Hollywood is the capital of querr community in Southern California.