Friday, 4 December 2015

Why ARF Dashnaktsutyun in Armenia suck big time

There are many reasons why Dashnaks in Armenia suck. Here is just one of the reasons. Prominent party member, MP Artsvik Minasyan endorsed in the past fire bombers of gay friendly DIY bar in Yerevan. [you may find his utterly disgraceful remarks here]

Not only he was not reprimanded by ARF in Armenia or abroad but he remained on top positions within ARF Dashnaktsutyun.

Now, as a servant of Armenia ruling regime interests, not only he is out and about campaigning FOR new constitution (as part of Dashnaks’ shameful endorsement of the pro-regime ‘YES’ campaign) but to make his case ‘convincing’ praises anti-gay and anti-human rights provisions in the constitution, as reported by Armenpress:

"He also stated that for the first time the family will be under state protection, which means that the state will struggle against gay families, which foreign powers try to import into Armenia.”

P.S. There are tons of reasons why you should never support proposed by Armenia ruling regime new constitution and say your firm NO #ՈՉ during referendum on 6 December. Here are just few of them.
Of course, considering fraudulent voting record of the ruling regime in Armenia, no doubts they will 'draw' required percentage to prolong their very survival. We should, however, never surrender to the fraud and hate.

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