Friday, 15 May 2015

How incorrect use of Armenian translit turned this rap song ‘gay’

Few days ago, I received a Google alert update that there is this ‘gay Armenian’ rap song on YouTube. The title of this song looked weird in English: “ETE HET GAY / ARMENIAN RAP / 2015”

It was obvious to me that at least the first two words were written in Armenian translit. But I was still not sure what it actually meant combined with the word “gay”. So I started watching (well, listening to), and everything became instantly clear. I burst into laughing.

Apparently, this guy, who uploaded his own music video, indicated his song’s title - which should read in English “If I were to come back” - in a weird Armenian (incorrect) translit, directly mirroring the way he speaks [a certain way that people in certain Armenian circles speak :))] and inadvertently turned his song into a ‘gay Armenian’ rap song.

Here we are, as of today, 7 days after uploading his music video, this guy still did not realise what his song’s title (the way he indicated it) really means in English :)) Or may be he did it intentionally?! I doubt it, but I am all smile writing this post.

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