Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Yerevan diaries: Anecdote, Grindr and more :))

Few light-hearted stories and observations from Yerevan.

Let’s start with a joke that made me burst into laughing. (you have to know Armenian to get it)

Հայկը Բելին մի նետով սպանեց [կարդալ “մինետով”]

This follows by remark (in translit using Russian letters):

шат нетагргир а

A female teacher at one of Yerevan universities, to make her point stronger (or so she hopes), regularly swears in front of her students on something apparently very sacred to her: “I swear on my virginity” (“Клянусь своей девственностью”) 

Just to clarify, this is not a joke, this happens for real.

As Grindr is getting more popular in Armenia, so are the stories associated with its use. This one is about those users who are soliciting money for sex.

Apparently, when you use Grindr in Armenia, you frequently get asked: “local?”

Depending on your answer, you may hear different offers from the same person: 1. if you answered “yes” (i.e. you are local), you may get offer for sex for say 5-10K AMD; 2. if your answer is “no” (i.e. you are foreigner) - expect much higher price for sex: e.g. 200 US dollars or… iPhone.

...and finally.

This composition at Yerevan Cascade is dubbed “Artush and Zaur”.

[for background re “Artush and Zaur", the book, check relevant label on this blog]

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