Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Vladimir Shakhidjanyan: "Is it possible to understand homosexuality?"

Interesting way of "explaining" homosexuality and why gay people should be accepted as equals by society by prominent Russian psychologist of Armenian origin Vladimir Shakhidjanyan.

Just one quote here (RU):
Какая разница, какой ты - голубой, розовый, зелененький, красненький, светленький. Любые цвета хороши, кроме коричневых (коричневый - это фашизм, это скверно), а всё остальное допустимо.
For the rest, watch the video (RU). He questions: "Is it possible to understand homosexuality?" by addressing some of the common prejudices still prevalent in Russia and other ex-Soviet states.

*thanks to K. for the link to the video

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Adrineh D said...

As someone who majored in psychology, I'm a bit wary of psychologists in general :)