Thursday, 27 September 2012

Reported hate crime: trans sex workers beaten by group of youth in downtown Yerevan cruising park

Local media reported Armenia police press release that group of youth attacked [“beaten up”] trans sex workers in downtown Yerevan cruising park (Kom aygi, or pleshka) on 25 September 1.10am. Attackers being questioned by police. Motives of the attack were not explicitly stated in the press release. However, the way the info was presented implies homophobic hate crime. No more details are known, as of now.

Interesting to point out the following: 1. police formally reported the incident. 2 police used acceptable non-discriminatory wording to refer to gay people in Armenian “նույնասեռական”, even though the victims may not necessarily be gay per se, but rather trans sex workers. 3. victims of the crime reported the incident to the police.

What would be more important to find out, however, if the attackers will get formally charged with the crime and persecuted according to the law. This will be a testimony of changes, if any.

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