Sunday, 27 November 2011

Raffi Boghossian “breaks free” in Bulgarian X factor, in drag, à la Queen

18 yrs old Raffi Boghossian of Armenian origin is from second-largest city in Bulgaria - Burgas. He is not a professional musician, but he is very charming, entertaining and talented guy. He dreams of singing in Wembley and wants to study business management or marketing in England.
"My biggest dream is to sing in front of thousands of people in a huge stadium like Wembley. I want to be one of the world's great artists," said Raffi, who is still a student.

He revealed that he wants to continue his education outside Bulgaria. Particularly, he wants to study business management or marketing in England.
Hilarious performance.

Here is Raffi’s fan page on Facebook, and personal FB page.


Doc said...

He did a good job with the song there. And he has nice legs x)

artmika said...

Yes!! Happy to learn that he has just won Bulgarian X factor with 50.6% of votes!! Congrats, Raffi!!


Հայ երգիչ Րաֆֆին հաղթանակ է տարել Բուլղարիայի X-Factor մրցույթում

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! And yes, amazing legs — man, can he hold his own wearing heels that I could never wear! Love the oranges at the end :)