Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Oscar Meteor combats homophobia with a gay kiss music video - Water Under The Bridge

"The video started as a piece against homophobia; displaying the very images that homophobes do not want to see : an everyday gay couple kissing. It got its rhythm through association with the Oscar Meteor project, a collective endeavour based in Paris. This particular track was remixed by The Bangers, comprised of David Maltese and Mederic Nebinger, who collaborated with Daft Punk on their first release Homework. Video direction by JC Polien".

Thanks to Tetu for the link.
Oscar Meteor

Oscar Meteor is a collective project by a team of artists, musicians, composers, DJs, video producers and performance artists.

An innovative music act which fuses rock and electronic influences, and tackles important issues such as racism, the environment or homophobia through its songs and videos. Regular contributors to the project include The Bangers, comprised of David Maltese and Funky Derrick, known for his work with Daft Punk, and David Richards who produced many albums for Queen and David Bowie.

Together they bring our hero Oscar Meteor to life; a character with mysterious origins, a dandy both elegant and scarred, fragile and lucid. Oscar is an observer of our society's peculiarities. He displays them and sings about them, while letting us decide whether we wish to change.

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