Tuesday, 22 November 2011

How I ‘became’ gay. A very personal reflection ahead of return to Stalinism and Fascism in Russia

Ever was curious how I 'became' gay? What sort of "propaganda" turned me, a little child, into a homosexual guy?

Here is a story of my life. Well, sort of. A teeny-weeny part of it. How I ‘became’ gay.

I was a little child. It was still Soviet Union. There were no alternative sources of information. There was no Internet.

You turn on TV, and you embrace yet another heterosexual love story. You read books - yes, heterosexual love story. You go out, and see heterosexual couples hugging, kissing each other.

All I saw among my family, relatives, friends, neighbours and strangers were heterosexual affairs, marriages and occasional divorces.

All my favourite love stories were straight ones because I didn't know of other type of love stories. This was the only type of life I was "propagated" towards.

And suddenly, as a child under such intense “propaganda”... Boom... I realised that I ‘became’ gay. A miracle happened. A little child transformed into a gay guy. It was not even Christmas time.

Basically, as long as “heterosexual propaganda” is out and proud and in full force, gay rights activists can relax, with no need to resort to ‘devilish’ plans of turning population (children) gay. I am a living proof of such transformation.

So here we are, ladies and gentlemen, the very real target you should be focusing your efforts on. Ban "heterosexual propaganda". Prevent your child turning into a gay man or woman.

P.S. This post is devoted to LGBT activists & allies in Russia who "propagate homosexuality" = fight against totalitarian rules & fascism and for human rights in Russia.

In solidarity with Russia’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people,


For background of disturbing developments in Russia that inspired my post, have a look at selected links below (in English and Russian):

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Amnesty urges Russia to halt homophobic bill

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Boston boy said...

Mika, I wish you would stop spreading LIES about how people like you became gay. There's no way for you to keep the truth on this subject when there is such a thing as the INTERNET. Since all it takes is one Google search for a reader to find the truthful answer, I am going to make it easy for your readers, and will reveal the secret that you have been unwilling to truthfully tell the world. Here is how people are turned gay:

TCHAIKOVSKY. Yes, it's true. If a straight boy listens to Tchaikovsky's music repeatedly, he will become gay. While it will take approximately 8-10 listens for this to happen if one listens only to the 1st symphony, it only takes approximately 7 listens to the 4th symphony, and some have been known to turn gay even after only 2 listens of the "Pathetique."

So if you are concerned about your children becoming gay, please, right now go out and destroy all of the Tchaikovsky music in your home. And if any of Tchaikovsky's music is being played at a concert hall near you, be sure to protest outside so that you can prevent impressionable and unsuspecting heterosexuals from becoming gay.

artmika said...

This is too good. Now we know what to prescribe and in what dosage :))

artmika said...

For now...

St. Petersburg lawmakers shelve gay 'propaganda' bill vote

“The very concept of this bill is illegal, it cannot be defined to conform with legal norms,” Igor Kochetkov, head of the St. Petersburg LGBT group Coming Out, told RIA Novosti.

artmika said...

Must watch: Russian TV programme makes mockery of proposed anti-gay "propaganda" law in St Petersburg

artmika said...

Gazeta.ru editorial: "Traditional orientation" (RU)

artmika said...

#госдеп2 - Russian TV programme by Ksenia Sobchak on motives of scandalous homophobic law in St Petersburg