Saturday, 25 June 2011

Armenia and Turkey: ‘Having gay neighbour’ (survey) - Council of Europe report

In many Council of Europe member states national surveys have been conducted, with different methodologies, focus and scope. [Unzipped: Gay Armenia - without having detailed description of survey methodologies, it’s difficult to assess how robust, representative and comparable these survey results could be.]

Regarding survey results related to having a gay or lesbian neighbour, a Turkish survey from 2009 showed that 87% of the population did not want to have a gay or lesbian neighbour – the same figure is found in an Armenian survey from 2005.
In Georgia 84% of respondents expressed negative attitudes towards homosexuality.

Read also: Groundbreaking Council of Europe report issues ‘red cards’ to many member states, incl. Armenia, for failing gay rights


Anonymous said...

Check this one from Turkish Pride 26 July Armenian slogan i cant read it:

artmika said...

Thank you for the link. I am planning to make one or two posts later tonight re Istanbul Pride and will definitely include that link and picture.

artmika said...

Side by side (2): Armenian presence at Istanbul Gay Pride