Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Queering Yerevan: “Meeting with remarkable women”

Guitar Boy "Love in the Desert"

"Love in the Desert" by Nancy Agabian, Ann Perich and Dan Day. Originally released in "Life History of a Star," Infected Films soundtrack. Produced by Jon Mattox & Guitar Boy. Recorded at Red Room Studios. Copyright 1999 Ampus Music/BMI.

*via Queering Yerevan

Two or Three Things She Knows About Shushanik

"Two or Three Things She Knows About Shushanik" (2005). A video by Tina Bastajian on the translation of Shushanik Kurghinian's (1876-1927) poetry into English (by Shushan Avagyan).

*Thanks to Lara for the link to this video. Reminds me of my Quote of the Moment:

"Do not love me as if I were a flower! I want to live a worthy life, as an atom in a mass of troubles, as a child of street mobs."
Shushanik Kurghinian

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